Give Back And Leave A Legacy

At BQuest Homes we believe in the power of giving back and leaving a legacy. That is why we want you to choose one of our focused charities. We will donate on behalf of your project. Building your home is not only giving you the blessing of living in your dream oasis, but you are extending that blessing to others. Together we are leaving an impact for good.


¹ : the act of giving or leaving something by will or transmitted from the past.

Proverbs 13:22
A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.

Psalm 121

House of Hope NC

Saving Grace NC

Converting Hearts


Bay Island Impact To Support

House of Hope of North Carolina

House of Hope of North Carolina is a Christian therapeutic school, home, and counseling center for hurting and vulnerable girls, ages 12-17 and their families. When there is a hurting teenage girl in a family, the entire family is affected and the entire family needs help. 

We use the terms hurting and vulnerable because even though some of the girls at House of Hope may have been in trouble, their actions stem from a deeper hurt that has not healed.

​Since 1998, we have served approximately 300 families (around 800 people including girls, parents, step-parents, grandparents, and siblings) within a 60-mile radius of Clayton. We are able to serve 8 families at a time with our residential program and up to 20 families receiving non-residential services. Our goal is to help heal each family member and bring reconciliation to the family as a whole.

Saving Grace Animals For Adoption

Saving Grace began in 2004 at a private residence and farm to bring adoptable dogs and loving homes together. North Carolina is one of the highest states for euthanasia in the country and our mission is to make an impact. Since beginning, we’ve placed over 30,000 animals, however the task is still daunting.

Saving Grace partners with shelters with extremely limited resources where euthanasia rates are high across North Carolina to find adoptable dogs that just need a ‘second chance.’ We also take a lot of dogs in need of critical care or in dire situations from them as well.

Animals are chosen based on their adoptability as successful family members and Saving Grace strives to provide a more natural and non-traditional shelter environment for dogs to interact with others and exhibit their natural behaviors while awaiting their forever homes. Our Funny Farm setting allows adopters to mingle and interact with a variety of dogs and choose a new companion based on temperament and suitability for their home and family.

Saving Grace is operated in majority by a hardworking and dedicated volunteer and foster base. This team is dedicated to finding an ever-changing but always special group of dogs and an equally special family like yours.

From intake to adoption, dogs are cared for by a support system of committed fosters and volunteers. Volunteer roles include everything from transportation, daily care, medical care, and everything in between to get them ready for adoption.

Converting Hearts Ministries

Converting Hearts Ministries was founded in 2007 by Carlton and Wayne Edwards situated in rural North Carolina. Although our farm-based facility primarily serves Wake and its surrounding counties, CHM has rescued hundreds of men from the state and continues to grow in popularity all throughout the Nation. CHM is a live-in facility meeting each individual where they are to provide hope and guidance with the love of Christ.

Our purpose is to reach broken families through the power of the gospel as an extension of the local church, and to produce a measurable impact at home, at work, and in the community.


In 1 week you can build a home for a family in Roatan, Honduras!

DwellingsNow is a charity that has been building homes and changing lives since 2009 by providing shelter and hope for recipient families as well as a life-changing experience for those involved in the building process. Your involvement will make a lasting difference in the lives of those who live in difficult living situations. By making a donation or becoming a volunteer you will help provide a new start for a grateful family.

Bay Island Impact To Support

Offering a chance at a better life to people who dream about the life we already have.

Because of our generous donors, we are realizing our dream to make a significant impact on the island of Roatan. We are helping to meet physical needs, and we are getting to share the good news of Jesus at the same time.